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Is the tree stump on your property causing problems? Tree stumps are a safety hazard and also an obstruction if you are planning a garden renovation or want a driveway.

Knowing what's going on below ground level is important and the professionals at Nathan Turvey are fully trained and qualified to remove the stump safely without causing any damage.

The qualified tree surgeons at Nathan Turvey have all the specialist equipment to remove tree stumps no matter how large the area is. We are readily available, so contact us if you want your site cleared or excavated.

•   Stump clearance

•   Stump grinding

•   Dead stump removal

•   Root management

Apart from stump removal and stump grinding we also provide commercial and domestic tree surgery and an emergency call-out for dangerous trees.

Expert tree stump removal & site clearance

Experienced tree surgeons

Our stump services include:

Our other services


Stump removal & grinding

Commercial tree surgery