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Seeking help and a solution for any type of tree work? The tree surgeons at Nathan Turvey have the expertise, equipment and knowledge to carry out the job that is compatible to both your needs and that of the environment. We have a range of surgery solutions to promote the growth of your tree, but if it is damaged or diseased we are fully insured and qualified to fell and dispose of it with the minimum of disruption to you.

•   Pruning

•   Tree health assessments

•   Tree removal / felling

•   Crown thinning

•   Crown reduction and re-shaping

•   Deadwooding

•   Aftercare and advice

•   Stump grinding

•   Site clearance

If your tree has suffered storm damage we offer a 24/7 call-out to treat or remove it quickly before it becomes a hazard. If there is a preservation order on one of your trees, Nathan Turvey has worked closely with tree officers to find a solution to suit both parties.

Expert tree surgery in & around Kidderminster

Our services include:

Specialising in difficult or damaged trees


Qualified Tree Surgeons